There are common and shared challenges across the oil & gas industry. Companies are constantly seeking new and innovative ways to improve inspections, mitigate risk, and remain in compliance with any and all state and federal regulations. In recent years, forward-thinking oil & gas companies have been utilizing drone technology to improve their operational efficiencies and already drone data is transforming the industry. Insights gleaned from drone data have already saved companies millions of dollars in labor, remediation, and operations.

DroneDeploy provides practical, economical solutions for the entire oil & gas operation. Companies can discard reactive measures and adopt proactive approaches to leak detection and other maintenance and compliance processes by using drones and a drone data solution. 

In this eBook we will examine:

  • What is a drone data solution
  • The key workflows where a drone data solution provides value
  • The benefits of a drone data solution deliver to oil & gas companies
  • How today’s oil & gas innovators are putting drones to work
  • How to get started with DroneDeploy