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Automate your inspections with aerial and ground robots

Give your teams the power to schedule missions easily with docked drones and ground robots that automatically collect and upload your data – all in one AI-powered platform.

Automated visibility.Accelerated productivity.

Reality capture is critical to your project’s success, but labor shortages and technological complexities can throttle your team’s productivity.
By automating your docked drone flights and robotic walkthroughs or inspections, you can finally digitize your sites and assets without (always) needing to be physically on-site. 
Select the area or assets you want inspected.
Schedule the time and frequency of your missions.
Our intuitive, end-to-end platform will do the rest.

AI in the sky (and on the ground)

DroneDeploy’s AI capabilities add vital context to your automated missions – building out high-res maps, analyzing 3D objects and detecting critical issues — to help turn the data you have into the insights you need.

Three solutions. One platform.

From high-accuracy mapping of critical infrastructure to inspecting time-sensitive gauges, DroneDeploy’s automated docked drone and ground robotics solutions scale up your visibility while dialing down man hours.
Dock Automation
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Robotic 360 Walk
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Robotic Industrial Inspection
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The biggest industries, down to the smallest detail.

From inspecting assets in oil and gas facilities to tracking progress on large-scale earthworks projects, DroneDeploy unlocks the power of your ground-to-air robotics fleet.
A more productive perspective
Integrating drones and robotics creates a single source of reality so you can achieve consensus across your teams.

Both Dock Automation and Robotic 360 Walk are designed to bring field and office personnel onto the same screen by incorporating captured imagery with BIM execution plans.
You can search imagery by build date, geolocation data and other important metrics so you can track exactly what’s been completed and prove where the site isn’t matching the drawings – whether from the air or ground.
Walk-free walkthroughs: Turner Construction and Spot

Turner Construction equipped Boston Dynamics’ Spot with heavy payloads (PTZ cameras, thermal sensors) to track progress across a wide range of terrain on their work sites.
By using our Robotic 360 Walk solution, Turner could use bidirectional communication during walkthroughs to send commands remotely (like adjusting gimbal angle) while also receiving telemetry data pushed to their VDC teams. 
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See your site the same way twice.
Leaks, debris, corrosion: these are the hidden dangers on every extraction site that demand your attention.

But even a slight, five-degree difference in perspective on your inspections can mean the difference between a blind spot and a prevented issue.

Our Robotic Industrial Inspection solution gives you the consistent perspective you need to catch what puts your site at risk. 
Putting robots to work: Woodside Energy
Woodside, Australia’s largest oil and gas company, transformed their asset management system through an innovative robotics collaboration. Nicknamed Spector, the ground robot combines Boston Dynamics’ Spot with our Robotic Industrial Inspection solution to create a dynamic digital twin of their extraction facilities that tracks site fluctuations down to every gauge and sensor.
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Remote sites, remote controlled.
Data on remote sites should come to you, not you to it.

With DroneDeploy, docked drones and ground robots can collect visuals of your assets without you needing to be physically present.

Schedule missions in advance, and feed your telemetry metadata like asset ID and location back to your systems in real time.

And during emergencies, our solution’s low latency gives you peace of mind that you can see the danger without putting any of your people in it.
Solar power, with 30% less manpower: Grid inspections with OnSight rovers

OnSight is a leading robotics company for the photovoltaic solar industry. By equipping rovers with rotating PTZ and thermal cameras, OnSight can inspect panels while the rover moves across solar grids that span multiple acres. As these rovers lock onto solar panels and scan barcodes, geolocated data is uploaded to DroneDeploy to be visualized in a high-resolution map.

To date, OnSight has used its rover to scan over 20,000 barcodes with 100% accuracy – and at a 30% faster rate than a human worker.
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