Cloud Control for Drones

DroneDeploy enables you to put drones to work for your business

Simple aerial data capture
with fast, automated processing

Diagnose the health of crops

Easily monitor thousands of acres

Build your own Google Earth

Automatically created maps and 3D models

Create high precision surveys

Accurate Orthomosaics and DEMs

View Crop Data

Drones powered by 4G

Enabling real-time data transmission, processing and sharing anywhere in the world

Built-In Air Traffic Control

Automatic collision avoidance and hundreds of safety features to help you fly safely and reliably

Live Data Processing

Get photos and videos back instantly to share with anyone, anywhere in the world

Unlimited Range

Fast connections to your drone over LTE, for untethered control over 80% of the US

Plug & Play Sensors

Direct control of many cameras over WiFi and USB

Real time support

Live flight and data support in the field

Automatic QA

No more blurry or dark images.