Instant Aerial Data

Compatible with your

Now Compatible with Any Drone

Use DroneDeploy's Map EngineBeta to process your drone data. It's simple and fast!
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Fly and Capture Images

Use the DroneDeploy App for DJI, or do it yourself

Upload Images

After your flights ended, upload georeferenced images

Automatic Processing

Fast Map Processing and 3D Modelling

Analyse Data

Crop, annotate and share maps and 3D models


Put your Drone to Work

Capture aerial imagery on demand with accuracy up to 2cm/pixel


Generate crop health maps

Detect Crop Stress
Detect field variations, categorize yield zones, and use our timeline view to measure progress
Make Decisions in the Field
Quickly generate and analyze NDVI outputs for smarter farming decisions


Create 3D models of buildings

Faster Site Assessments
Accurately analyze construction progress and use our timeline viewer to measure progress
On-demand Elevation Models
Quickly generate high-resolution digital elevation models & 3D models of sites and structures


Estimate volumes of stockpiles

Accurate Volumetric Measurement
Automate stockpile measurements and receive accurate volumetric data for streamlined planning
Map and Track
Map mining sites and exploration targets, track equipment, and explore for materials - easily, affordably, and quickly


50+ comprehensive safety checks and in-flight warnings to ensure reliable operation.
High-resolution maps automatically georeferenced to survey level accuracy in real time.
Automatic coverage, blur, and occlusion detection to get high quality results repeatably.
"You are Here"
Explore your data in person, with your position marked on your map.


Actionable data in 1-click. No training required.
1-Click Mapping
Get the data you're looking for in a single click. Leave the planning, flying, and processing to us.
Live Support
Get help from a drone expert, when you're in the field.
No Set-up Required
No SD cards, USB cables, log files, or software to install.

Insanely Fast

Make decisions from data before your drone lands.
DroneDeploy makes maps in seconds. All other solutions require hours to process.

How it Works

Turn on Your Drone and open the DroneDeploy App
Plan your Flight and wait for Preflight Checks
Press Launch and watch Drone Take off
View your Data after the drone lands