DroneDeploy Ground

The only photo documentation software you’ll ever need

DroneDeploy Ground gives your teams the power to walk sites with 360 cameras, capture and organize photos, overlay maps onto floor plans, generate inspection reports and share easily – all in one AI-powered platform.

Map photos to your site plan or drawing - automatically

All your 360 photos, 360 Walks and 2D photos are automatically organized onto drawings by location and date filters.

Capture every perspective, from the air to the ground

DroneDeploy Ground makes it easy to capture interior and exterior environments at the ground level with 360 cameras, smartphones and ground robots.

All ground data can be combined with DroneDeploy Aerial imagery for a holistic view of your sites and assets – from every angle.

How DroneDeploy Ground works



Walk your site with the DroneDeploy Ground mobile app and a 360 camera.



Turn interior and exterior site photos of the projects, sites and assets you care about into 360 Walks and maps.



Compare what has been built to design, collaborate on drawings and floorplans, tag issues and more.



Generate detailed inspection reports from your data to surface issues with remote teams in just a few clicks.



Collaborate with your team with instant export tools and integrate your tech stack with our open APIs.

Easy and accurate drone flights

Multiple flight plan types – mapping, photos, panos, video and more

Support for drones from leading manufacturers

Survey-grade, high accuracy sub-inch mapping with RTK, PPK and GCPs

Support for custom coordinate systems

Professional services to capture drone data on your sites and projects

Pilot certification support and drone training available

Grant Hagen flying a drone

Understand your sites like never before

Transform data into survey-grade maps and models

Compare changes over time with map comparison tools

Compare actuals to plans with overlays and 3D visualization tools

Fast and accurate insights with AI-powered intelligence

Quickly calculate volume, slope, elevation or distance

Auto-generate industry specific reports (stockpile, issue, progress, etc)

Generate live thermal maps and detect heat abnormalities


Tomorrow’s technology, today

Ground robots like Boston Dynamics’ Spot are the future – and native support in DroneDeploy is already here.

Send ground robots on autonomous data capture missions, 24/7. Quickly capture job site data, track progress over time and detect issues early.

Impress your teams (and your boss)

We can now retroactively check our 360 Walks and identify any areas we may have missed. Then, we can directly send or tag this documentation to workers on-site through the Procore Observation tab.

Wilson Haworth

Senior VDC Engineer, Juneau Construction

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