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Global workforce.
One mission.

Balancing virtual work with in-person collaboration, DroneDeploy’s diverse, globally distributed workforce comes together each day to share a singular goal: give reality capture superpowers to the companies that power, feed and build our world

We are leaders in reality capture technology because of the way we serve our customers – and each other.







Our people elevate our success


of our leadership team has been promoted from within

We believe a collection of diverse, individual perspectives gives us the visibility we need to create innovative solutions. It’s why we're committed to an inclusive, accessible and supportive work environment.


annual career mobility targets

We showcase our commitment to nurturing internal talent and providing ample opportunities for career advancement within our organization.

Individual talent. Unified values.

Our values are core to who we are, guide our operations, and play a vital role in our continued success:

Build trust

We are open, accountable, and follow through on our commitments.

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We do the hard work to find simplicity on the other side of complexity.

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Make it happen 

We have a bias towards action. And if we don’t know it, our curiosity compels us to learn.

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Employee Voices

“DroneDeploy has given me the opportunity to work with customers across the world, while supporting me with the resources I need to advance in my career journey.”

Pooja Malakar
Manager of Accounting

Employee Voices

“DroneDeploy allows me to teleport around the world in a way no other tech company can offer. We have customers using our platform to document Mayan ruins, preserve the Egyptian Sphinx, count sea turtles on remote islands, document tribal villages in Alaska – all while helping the people and organizations that feed, build and power our world.”

Jay Mulakala
Director of Solutions Engineering

Employee Voices

“What sets DroneDeploy apart from other tech firms is our genuine people-first approach. I was immediately included in all relevant projects and meetings, which helped me understand my role within the team and the company's expectations. And the continuous feedback I get from my manager makes me feel heard and valued.”

Olya Royall
Senior Manager of Software Engineering

Employee Voices

“DroneDeploy's commitment to its employees and the industries it serves is authentic. There is a genuine desire to listen, improve, make an impact and lift people up. I am given the trust and the autonomy to do my work, which gives me the freedom to try new things and make lasting change.”

Chris Jervey
Director of Customer Success

Employee Voices

“At DroneDeploy, I've found more than just a job; I've discovered a community that deeply invests in my professional growth and fosters a warm, inclusive culture.”

Latrell Conley
People Operations Administrator

Employee Voices

“Working at DroneDeploy has given me the opportunity to work with a global team on technology that has the potential to greatly impact the world for the better.”

Keshav Krishna
Field Test Engineer

Benefits that fit your life

Benefits that fit your life

DroneDeploy offers comprehensive benefits that support our employees’ physical, financial, and social well-being.


By providing comprehensive healthcare programs for our employees globally, we’re prioritizing the health and wellbeing of our employees and their families.

Stock options + equity grants

As part of their compensation package, employees are given opportunities to purchase company stock at a discounted price and receive equity grants.

Work + life balance

We encourage you to take time to celebrate yourself and your achievements. It’s why DroneDeploy offers flexible time away, parental leave and annual well-being reimbursements.

Development opportunities

We invest in annual professional development reimbursement for all employees, and all managers are enrolled in an interactive Leadership Development Program with one-on-one coaching.

Employee recognition

We regularly acknowledge employees for outstanding performance, milestones and contributions.

Surveying for sustainability: our ESG efforts

DroneDeploy believes the power of drones can amplify the positive impact humans can make on the world. It’s why our founders started a drone software platform – to give South African park rangers the drone data they need to fight illegal rhino poaching.

Since then, our social impact initiatives have expanded to over 63 countries. It’s our way of ensuring that our work improves the communities we live in, the people we serve, and the greater world.

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