July 2022 Product Release

July 19, 2022

With great strides made by the leading aerial drone and 360-degree camera providers, and project teams requiring faster, easier access to their work, we are thrilled to continue to provide DroneDeploy users with the integrations, features, and enhancements you need to stay ahead of the game. With our latest updates, the ability of your reality capture program to capture, process, and visualize current site conditions has taken another leap forward.

In this July Release, we are thrilled to announce:

  • Support for the DJI Air 2S
  • New custom flight logs to Drone Operations Management
  • Walkthrough Integration with Insta360 RS 1-Inch
  • Capturing individual 360 pano capture from the Walkthrough App
  • BIM Compare side-by-side for 360 Walkthrough
  • Smart Uploader (Beta) to automatically organize and upload your media
  • Spanish and Portuguese language support
  • Default Coordinate Reference Systems (EPSG codes) for your project imports and exports

Flight & Drone Operations

Get Your Reality Capture Program Off the Ground Faster with DJI Air 2S Support

We are thrilled to announce that DroneDeploy supports the iOS Flight App for DJI Air 2S. With its 20MP camera, 31-minute flight time, 12 km range, and $999 price tag, the DJI Air 2S is the perfect addition to rapidly expand your drone program. This support is a built-in partnership via the powerful Dronelink SDK.

DJI Air 2S is available to all paid customers and trial users.

DroneDeploy supports the iOS Flight App for DJI Air 2S

Track Missions More Easily with Custom Flight Logs in Drone Operations Management

Keeping track of your team’s flights just got a lot easier. Now you can add records for flights made outside the DroneDeploy app, for example on the Phantom 4 RTK, DJI Pilot app, or with Autel, Wingtra, or other drones.

Drone Operations customers will now find the new “Flight Records section” available for all team members on their mobile app. Clicking the “+ Add a record” button allows you to record a flight and keep track of your team’s drone usage. This tracking system will build a single source of truth for your Drone Operations auditing and compliance requirements.

Custom Flight Logs add records for flights made outside the DroneDeploy app

Walkthrough – Ground Capture

Capture Full Site Reality with the Insta360 One RS 1-Inch

We're thrilled to advance our partnership with Insta360, with support for the Insta360 One RS 1-Inch, which is showing higher-detail imagery and better low-light performance in our testing.

The Walkthrough App support for easy 360 Walkthrough and 360 Pano capture and upload from the One RS 1-inch 360 edition to DroneDeploy is live, try it out today!

Joeris General Contractors testing the new Insta360 RS 1-Inch camera and DroneDeploy 360 Walkthrough

You Asked, We Delivered: Introducing 360 Pano

The new ground-based 360 Panos feature in DroneDeploy’s Walkthrough App is an easy way for field crews to quickly capture high-resolution 360 images of issues or flagged areas of interest during planning, inspections, site walks, assets inspections, and progress tracking. Images taken are accurately located and tagged to a map, design plan, or level. They are then automatically uploaded for all stakeholders to immediately review, from anywhere in the world.

360 Panos feature in DroneDeploy’s Walkthrough App

Trade Partner Inspections – Verify work performed during each project phase with high-resolution ground-based 360 Panos on top of design/floor plans.

  • Perform frequent pre-construction “baseline” inspections to compare with design and completed work for payouts.
  • Ground-based 360 Panos can be used to document issues by adding high-resolution detail found in 360 Walkthrough paths.
  • Share project links to stakeholders to review high-resolution ground-based 360 Panos on the mobile flight app or the web.

Visualize Your As-Designed vs. As-Built Progress Side-by-Side with BIM Compare (closed beta)

Our BIM Compare feature, currently in beta, brings more 3D insights into how a project is tracking vs. design. Now all stakeholders can easily compare actual site conditions from any 360 Walkthrough with the BIM model within DroneDeploy. With this new capability, teams can use a new 3D experience to track progress visually, identify issues and clash detections, and validate installation according to design.

DroneDeploy BIM Compare Visualizes Your As-Designed vs. As-Built Progress Side-by-Side

Project Communication and Progress Tracking – Connect office teams to the field with a 3D BIM Compare accessible to all project stakeholders.

  • Enable VDC teams, architects, and engineers to perform clash detections and validate other design details without leaving the office.
  • Invite clients to take a 3D virtual tour of construction progress compared with the intended design.
  • Reduce costly and time-consuming warranty claims by comparing installation with design and seeing behind the walls with easy access to BIM Compare.
  • Enable project teams and trade contractors to compare their work with BIM without learning additional software.

All the new Walkthrough integrations and features require a 360 Walkthrough subscription to access.

Industry First: Introducing Smart Uploader (beta)

Smart Uploader is a new functionality that takes a user's complete set of aerial data across multiple flight plans and automatically sorts it into the appropriate categories for upload and processing in DroneDeploy. This functionality virtually eliminates the need for users to manually sort their imagery into categories such as map plans, panos, videos, photo plans, etc. This is an industry first!

DroneDeploy Smart Uploader

Just drag and drop all the media you captured today into the uploader, and it will sort the maps from the panos, and the videos from the images. Each will upload separately and automatically, as you can continue to use the application to explore your project site.

Spanish and Portuguese: New Language Support

You and your team can now access the flight app (iOS or Android) and the desktop app in two new languages. We now support Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, and English (US).

GCP Workflow and Default Project CRS (coordinate reference system)

GCP Workflow Speed Improvements

Uploading GCP maps should be fast and simple, so our team has been making performance improvements to the process these past couple of months. You’ll see a 2x faster experience, while timeouts or “spinning wheels” have been reduced by over 95%. Thank you for your patience while we made these much-needed upgrades, and please let us know via the GCP workflow review comments if you have further improvement recommendations.

GCPs are $49/map for Individual and included for Teams & above

Verify Accuracy with GCP Markers on your Map (coming soon)

When you upload and process a map with GCPs into DroneDeploy, those GCPs will now be visible as annotations on your processed map, helping you verify accuracy and GCP results. We have also added notification emails to the plan creator and the uploader when your GCPs are ready for tagging (if they are different people).

GCPs are $49/map for Individual and included for Teams & above

Visualize GCPs into DroneDeploy

Project Default CRS (coordinate reference system)

Simplify exports and design surface imports by setting the default CRS for your project either during project creation or in project settings. This new process ensures each project has a defined CRS, improving consistency, and reducing clicks and confusion for your project team.

Our GCP workflow and exports now support over 600 additional EPSG codes, including useful coordinate systems for infrastructure and utility projects like HS2 in the UK.

Project Level CRS is available for all paid accounts

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