Stand Count

An Automated Stand Count Solution - Available on Trial and Annual Subscriptions

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Stand Count

DroneDeploy Stand Count removes the need for
manual, time-consuming, inaccurate stand counts by
providing a fully automated, offline stand count workflow to evaluate crop emergence in minutes.

Ag Lite Package

  • Recommended for single pilots

  • Real-time, field edge insights
  • Stand Counts & Assessments
  • RGB Live Map
  • Measurements & Annotations

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Individual Annual

  • Recommended for single pilots

  • All Ag Lite features plus:
  • Plant Health Live Map
  • Panorama & Video
  • Shapefile Imports & Overlays

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  • Recommended for teams

  • All Individual features plus:
  • User Roles & Permissions
  • API & SDK Access
  • Activity Audit View

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Data in Minutes

Stand Count mission-planning allows you to quickly scan your field to capture the data needed for stand counts

  • Customize your mission plan based on crop type, field area, flight path, and row spacing
  • Auto-enabled Terrain Awareness ensures consistent capture height above the crop canopy to deliver accurate stand counts for every field

We've heard countless stories from our sales and agronomists about how they used to scout 6 to 10 locations at 1/1000 of an acre, now they can sample 3 times more locations in the field at 100 times greater sample area all within 30 min.

Analyze Stand Counts at the Field’s Edge

Receive results for a 100-acre field in less than 30 minutes, all offline

  • DroneDeploy has partnered with Corteva Agriscience to leverage machine-learning to quickly and accurately assess early-season crop emergence, with the ability to distinguish male and female rows
  • Easily identify areas of good, moderate, and poor emergence with summarized population scores, gap counts, and annotated images 
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Share Results with your Team and Customers

Once your data has been processed, receive an automated Stand Count report that is easy to share with colleagues and customers

  • Share Stand Count Report via email or text to make replant decisions quickly 
  • Access stand count results via API to sync data to internal systems of record