Robotics by DroneDeploy

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Robotics by DroneDeploy

The first software to combine aerial & ground data

There are some places drones can’t go. That’s why DroneDeploy now supports ground robotics. Send ground robots on automated missions and capture 360 Walkthroughs of any environment. Reduce labor costs, maximize efficiency, and gather accurate, real-time data – all from the ground up.

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Reach new areas

Use robots to inspect cramped, hazardous, and underground spaces.

Capture every detail

Create accurate and detailed 360 Walkthroughs of job sites, buildings, and assets.

Automate your world

Coordinate your air and robotics – all from a single platform.


Capture data from robots

  • Easily map your robot’s path using remote teleoperation
  • Send robots on unsupervised data capture missions 24/7
  • Ensure accuracy by capturing data from the exact same locations
  • Take instant control or edit your robot’s mission remotely at any time
  • Create a schedule to capture up-to-date data reliably

Analyze data from robots

  • Automate the upload of video data to the cloud
  • Process videos to create 360 virtual tours of your environments
  • Review and share 360 Walkthroughs without setting foot on-site
  • Add annotations to walkthroughs and notify staff of issues or tasks

Meet Spot from Boston Dynamics

virtual 360 walkthrough construction site jobsite

Virtual 360 Walkthroughs of construction sites

Harness the power of DroneDeploy by unleashing Spot to capture a 360 virtual walkthrough of any built environment. Keep an accurate record of progress, share data with stakeholders, and anticipate and avoid project delays – all without setting foot on-site.

Capture and annotate data from energy plants

With DroneDeploy, use Spot to capture video and create 360 virtual walkthroughs of energy sites. Automatically upload data to the cloud and sync with asset management systems in real-time. You can view this data remotely, make annotations for team members, perform predictive maintenance, and identify hazards.


Watch the video to see Spot in action at a New Zealand energy plant.

Interested in Robotics?

Discover real-world use cases for ground robots in industries including construction, energy and agriculture. Contact us to learn more.