Doing Good to provide free licensing and support for earthquake response

March 17, 2023

As part of our commitment to support emergency response teams in times of crisis, DroneDeploy will provide free software access to organizations conducting emergency response efforts to relieve communities impacted by the Kahramanmaras Earthquake.

In February 2023, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck Syria and Turkey. Another 7.5 magnitude earthquake, as well as many aftershocks, followed. At least 230,000 buildings experienced major or total damage, and the estimated death toll is over 50,000.

Qualified organizations will receive access to DroneDeploy’s enterprise cloud processing platform, as well as priority support from our crisis response and technical teams.

To request assistance, please fill out this form and our support team will provide access as soon as possible.

Survivors observing a building that collapsed from a earthquake

How DroneDeploy aids communities impacted by disaster

Our crisis response program provides short-term access to DroneDeploy to emergency and disaster response organizations working in coordinated response efforts at the local, state and national level.

Over the years, DroneDeploy has provided support in multiple crisis situations, including Hurricane Ian, Super Typhoon Yolanda and the 2018 Camp Fire in Northern California's Butte County.

Drone technology is evolving fast and their use in disaster response is quickly becoming integral to emergency teams worldwide. Drone mapping is often crucial to early response efforts, as it allows teams to access hard-to-reach areas safely and assess damage, use online tools for virtual collaboration, and quickly collect data over large areas.

DroneDeploy’s Live Map feature, live streaming and cloud processing capabilities allow response organizations to get results quickly in times of crisis.

You can learn more about the earthquake and find organizations to support with donations here.

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