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May 26, 2021

The construction and engineering industry is heavily analog, despite continuous technological advancements in the field, according to a McKinsey & Company report. In a follow-up report, McKinsey confirmed that this trend was still the case – but by investing in the digital transformation of their businesses, construction executives could increase productivity by 14-15%.  Further, these changes could spur additional cost reductions of 4-6%, as evidenced by individuals who have already partaken in such modifications. Throughout their research, McKinsey identified five strategies to measure digital transformation success organization-wide and, at the forefront, were centralizing project plans and connecting job sites.


DroneDeploy’s All-in-One Construction Solution

Drone technology enables successful projects by providing a comprehensive view of your site – from anywhere. Our all-in-one construction solution not only digitizes your project plans but allows them to be compared and contrasted with as-built designs, annotated in-app, and shared with stakeholders. In just a few clicks, all involved parties can track project progress over time, turn their maps into 3D models, and measure earthworks. For even greater analysis capabilities, DroneDeploy’s 360 Walkthrough steps in to collect, inspect, validate, and comprehend both interior and exterior data. With a 360 degree view of your project, complete site documentation is easily attainable.

Integrate with the Best in the Business

DroneDeploy’s platform is highly extensible, allowing you to integrate with your in-house systems and a wide variety of hardware. Our goal is to complement your current management software to create one central location for data sharing and documentation and be compliant with your hardware of choice. Below are some of our most popular software and hardware integrations for construction professionals.

Skydio 3D Scan

DroneDeploy users can now also autonomously fly with a Skydio drone and produce highly detailed 3D models with improved resolution using the new 3D scan technology. This enables pilots to perform higher quality inspections up to 75% faster, with minimal frontend training. These precise and detailed models are essential in digitizing your job site and usher in a new era of virtual asset reconstruction.

Join Skydio on June 2 to learn more about this incredible technology in their largest event ever at the U.S. Space & Rocket Center in Huntsville, Alabama. Register for free here.



Our Procore app is the easiest way to combine your Procore and DroneDeploy data seamlessly. With this integration, users can automatically import their Procore drawings onto their DroneDeploy maps for easy design vs. built comparisons. Similarly, DroneDeploy created issues, maps, and site progress photos can also be automatically synced and exported to Procore.

Autodesk BIM 360

Likewise, our Autodesk BIM 360 partnership incorporates site reality and aerial imagery into your current work site management system. Through repeated DroneDeploy scans of your construction site, users can detect deviations from BIM 360 plans before they become expensive problems. This data will be automatically synced and imported into your Autodesk suite for quick access.


DroneDeploy’s PlanGrid integration automatically syncs your DroneDeploy maps to PlanGrid’s documents, sheets, and photos. With the latest aerial imagery at your disposal, plus auto exports available, your team will always remain informed.


Keep your teams up-to-date with DroneDeploy’s integration with Bluebeam Studio Prime. Just like PlanGrid, users can set up auto exports of DroneDeploy PDFs directly into their Bluebeam projects.

The Future of Construction is Digitization

As one can see, utilizing drone data, 360 cameras, and mobile device uploads garners massive results for construction firms. The ability to track issues and observations gives cross-functional teams confidence in their decisions and promotes greater transparency when providing visual context for change orders, rework, and schedule slips. Auto syncing this data between your construction management software further closes this loop for complete site reality capture.

With minimal effort, drone technology radically alters traditional workflows and informs better decision-making with referenceable, reliable data. This portable, visual record of proof digitizes project plans and ensures all stakeholders stay informed throughout the construction lifecycle. Delivering projects on-time and on-budget is what we’re best at, and by digitizing your project progress, we guarantee you’ll see these results.

If you’re interested in bringing drone technology to your job site, watch our webinar on visual documentation with Procore, or cut right to the chase, and contact us.

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