Job Site Intelligence for Surveying & Construction

Create accurate, high-resolution digital reconstructions with 3D models, real-time 2D maps, and 360 panoramas for any construction site

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Mc Carthy

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Save time, improve communication, and reduce cost by using visual data to perform surveys, conduct inspections, and document every job site. Bringing full site documentation into one solution, DroneDeploy enables you to capture interior, exterior, ground, and aerial data. Through a digital reconstruction of your job site and in-depth analysis, projects run on time, on budget, and safely.

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    Easy-To-Use Software

    Schedule flights to collect drone intelligence in a few simple steps.

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    Instant Insights

    Capture data in real-time as the drone flies with Live Map.

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    Monitor Progress

    Evaluate project health with a visual timeline of a job site.

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    Centralized Platform

    Organize all site data for easy sharing and straightforward decision making.

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    Fly Safely

    Analyze and mitigate risks without walking dangerous areas.

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    Best-in-Class Ecosystem

    Build a custom workflow with software integrations, APIs, and +75 apps.

Simplify pre-construction site planning and design

Create an interactive site view including maps, photos, panoramas, and video

  • Capture job site data in real-time with Live Map 
  • Easily fly using the DroneDeploy mobile app in autonomous or manual flight
  • Create a 360 virtual tour of your site to assist in planning and coordination
  • Expedite pre-construction site planning and design accurate from bid to earthworks with survey-grade maps and models

We’ve created a much more efficient process. We can literally take weeks out of the schedule, our projects are much higher quality than before, and they’re safer.

Jim Gorrie picture Jim Gorrie, CEO, Brasfield & Gorrie LLC

How Construction Firm Brasfield & Gorrie Evolved Their Drone Surveying Program

Top 25 ENR construction company saves thousands of dollars in replacing traditional methods with drone surveying data while improving job site performance and safety

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Create, document, and share a visual timeline with all stakeholders

Store all drone and 360 data in one central place

  • Detect and correct plan defects and deviations on-site by comparing actual conditions to pre-construction designs 
  • Track and communicate progress at any stage with a Progress Report
  • Review aerial data alongside ground data from 360 cameras for a comprehensive view
  • Verify subcontractor work with automated cut/fill analysis and side by side comparisons

Live Map helps me end each day with confidence knowing where a project stands and what our subcontractors have completed so that we can provide the best product for our clients.

Ryan Moret picture Ryan Moret, Field Solutions Manager, McCarthy Building Companies

Proving the Value of Enterprise Drone Surveying Programs in Construction

McCarthy Building Companies’ launches, tests, and expands an in-house UAV program from one drone to twenty in less than a year.

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Analyze and mitigate risks without having to walk each job site

Inspect your entire job site safely using aerial & ground imagery

  • Safely fly using in-app pre-flight checklists and partnerships with LAANC providers
  • Get actionable, on-site data through your mobile device
  • Improve coordination with your team and subcontractors using a visual record of site conditions
  • Increase trust with your clients by sharing an accurate digital reconstruction of your job site

The integration with Bluebeam has saved me from unnecessary manual work. The most up-to-date images and maps are automatically exported to the right project folder. DroneDeploy provides us the clearest view of each of our sites, and we now have  a standard method of how we visually document each site.

James Holmes picture James Holmes, Innovation Manager, Rogers O'Brien Construction

Finding Success Using Drones in Construction

By using drones and DroneDeploy, Rogers-O'Brien saved time, increased efficiency, and avoided costly budget overruns

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Save time & money with one job site reconstruction solution

Keep projects on schedule, report progress, and efficiently manage logistics

Construction Data Sheet

Refer to our data sheet for quick insights and highlights to drone software in construction.