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DroneDeploy and Autodesk have partnered to bring you seamless integration between BIM 360 and DroneDeploy.

The Autodesk BIM 360 app allows you to easily incorporate reality and aerial imagery into your work site management. DroneDeploy makes frequent scans of your construction site affordable and allows you to detect deviations from plans before they become expensive problems.


  • Login with your Autodesk account
  • Easily import Plans from BIM 360 as Overlays in DroneDeploy.
  • Export orthomosaic, elevation, and even plant health maps to your BIM 360 project.


  • Please contact [email protected] to purchase this integration.
  • Please login on a desktop first before using the app on mobile.

With DroneDeploy and Autodesk, your jobsite has never been more productive and efficient.

Check out our support docs at:

please contact [email protected]

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