Automatic Drone-Based Stand Counts

Conduct Stand Counts in Minutes, Completely Offline

DroneDeploy's Stand Count removes the need for manual, time-consuming, inaccurate stand counts with a completely automated, field edge solution.

DroneDeploy's Stand Count is a completely automated flight, capture, and analysis workflow for stand counts that works entirely offline.

Data in Minutes

  • Customize your mission plan based on crop type, field area, flight path, and row spacing
  • Auto-enabled Terrain Awareness ensures consistent capture height above the crop canopy to deliver accurate stand counts for every field

Analyze Stand Counts at the Field’s Edge

  • DroneDeploy has partnered with Corteva Agriscience to leverage machine-learning to quickly and accurately assess early-season crop emergence, with the ability to distinguish male and female rows
  • Easily identify areas of good, moderate, and poor emergence with summarized population scores, gap counts, and annotated images 

Share Results with your Team and Customers

  • Share Stand Count report via email or text to make replant decisions quickly 
  • Access stand count results via API to sync data to internal systems of record