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Drone Mapping for Solar Panel Inspection and Installation

Improve safety, accuracy, and efficiency on your solar projects

DroneDeploy is used by the largest solar energy companies around the world to install and inspect residential and commercial solar panels.

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    High-Resolution Drone Maps and 3D Models

    Automatically capture imagery and create maps and models.

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    Fast & Accurate Roof Measurements

    Quickly generate comprehensive roof reports, 3D models, and DXF files.

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    Thermal Camera Support

    Conduct thermal inspections with maps from the air in real-time.

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    In-Field Analysis and Reporting

    Make smarter decisions on site with fast data and reporting.

Solar Panel Roof Installation & Design

  • Generate accurate 3D models for site planning and energy estimates
  • Reduce inspection “rework” hours with accurate roof measurements
  • Improve safety to workers by reducing the time spent on roofs
  • Leverage APIs and integrations to create custom and improved design processes

Solar Panel Roof-top Inspections

  • Inspect solar panels with real-time thermal imagery using Thermal Live Map
  • Detect damage and maintenance problems while maintaining photographic evidence 
  • Boost team efficiency by sharing relevant maps and data layers with operators to resolve site issues faster

Commercial Solar Prospecting and Construction

  • Speed up site selection process with high-resolution drone data: accurate topography and high-resolution maps
  • Survey properties on-demand and generate digital terrain models to accelerate the bidding process
  • Reduce bidding timelines from weeks to days with up-to-date aerial imagery and accurate aerial data
  • Improve accuracy of cut-fill estimates with accurate topographic data

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