The Reality Capture Playbook: Construction Edition

April 24, 2023

What is DroneDeploy?

DroneDeploy is an easy-to-use reality capture tool that allows you to capture the jobsite from every angle with a drone, 360 camera, robot or smartphone, and then share the virtual jobsite with your team.

What is The Reality Capture Playbook – Construction Edition?

This playbook will walk you through critical milestones to capture throughout the project lifecycle, and how to make the most of the photos with unique workflows and use cases that have been used by our customers – including some big wins.

Learn what phases to document

You'll learn how DroneDeploy can be used to capture during each phase of construction, from pre-con to close-out. By documenting consistently throughout the course of a project, your team can create a virtual time machine.

Discover unique DroneDeploy workflows

You'll learn how teams have used DroneDeploy for unique workflows on their projects involving scheduling, change management, QA/QC and more. Let these examples inspire your team to maximize the value you get from your reality capture.

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