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Automate oil and gas asset inspections

Send robots on autonomous missions to capture 360 visual data, thermal data and gauge images. Automatically upload data to asset management systems to ensure integrity and quality management.

Inspect oil and gas assets autonomously

Ground robots are the ideal tool for regular inspections of midstream vessels and equipment in the oil and gas industry. With DroneDeploy, Spot can be sent on autonomous inspection missions to capture 360 walkthroughs and thermal images of your assets, performing facility and equipment inspections seamlessly.

Geolocated data is automatically uploaded to asset management systems. Compare assets over time, detect maintenance and compliance issues, reduce downtime and maintain visual twins of midstream facilities. All without manual inspections. Automated inspections ensure a more streamlined maintenance workflow.

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Save Time
Fix maintenance issues before failure

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Improve Compliance
Identify equipment and gather auditable data over time to ensure industry standards

Inspect Frequently

Inspect Frequently
Automate daily or weekly inspections

Improve H&S

Improve H&S
Keep employees out of harm's way with a variety of inspection techniques

Visual Twins

Visual Twins
Maintain up-to-date twins of midstream facilities

Carry multiple Sensors

Carry Multiple Sensors
Use 360, thermal, gas or even acoustic sensors for oil and gas operations

DroneDeploy Robotics for midstream oil and gas

  • Perform autonomous 360 site inspections on a weekly or daily basis
  • Capture up-to-date visual twins of midstream assets, oil and gas products and facilities
  • Detect maintenance issues early and avoid downtime
  • Improve the accuracy and consistency of asset management data
  • Send robots to investigate ad-hoc issues without going on-site
  • Use robots to monitor multiple sites from a single location for cost effective management
  • Generate visual reports on assets and facilities for stakeholders

Autonomous asset inspection with Spot

Ground robots give engineers “eyes on the ground” without needing to set foot on-site. Models like Boston Dynamics’ Spot can carry a wide range of payloads – including 360 cameras, thermal and gas sensors – to capture almost any kind of data the business requires. Autonomous visual inspections can be conducted by ground robots at any time of day or night, which means work can be done without getting in the way of site crews.

The quadruped robot spot on an inspection walk.

Ground robots for autonomous operations in oil & gas

The midstream oil & gas sector is under pressure to meet rising consumer demands while reducing costs, meeting government regulations and implementing emissions reduction strategies. Investing in technology to unlock greater efficiencies is at the top of the agenda. Ground robots promise to be a game-changing tool – enabling midstream companies to automate asset inspections, perform proactive maintenance, reduce downtime and keep eyes on multiple sites at once.

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