In industries such as construction and inspection, it is not uncommon for workers to face serious injury – or even death – daily. Seeking better ways to inspect jobsites and identify potential hazards before they become dangerous, companies are increasingly turning to drones and drone mapping to improve efficiency and overall safety for workers. From commercial roof inspections to utility inspections of elevated water and cell towers, drones are changing the game for teams around the world. Hear from DroneDeploy and panelists from DJI, The Beck Group, and The Sequel Group as we explore how field inspectors are transforming their workflows through the use of DroneDeploy, thermal imagery, and data collection applications such as Fulcrum.

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • How drones save valuable time, cut costs and make inspectors more effective
  • How drone mapping provides actionable data and quality assurance for field inspectors
  • Why drone mapping is changing commercial inspections through the use of visible spectrum and infrared imagery
  • How to implement drones across your organization, department, or team