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Autonomously Capture Data With Robots

Send ground robots on autonomous inspection missions. Quickly capture job site data, track progress over time, and detect issues early.

Automate Robotic Missions

Assign routes and actions to robots in advance.

Take Control From Anywhere

Remotely operate your robots from anywhere, any time.

Ensure Accuracy & Consistency

Capture data from the exact same locations every time.

Send Robots on Automated Missions

Drop waypoints in a map for robots to follow

Set actions for robots to perform (e.g., take a photograph)

Send robots to complete missions autonomously, even when offline

Schedule missions in advance for any time of day or night

Take control of robots from anywhere with remote teleoperation.

Capture Accurate &
Consistent Job Site Data

Send ground robots to inspect indoor or outdoor environments

Capture visual data from the exact same route every time

Easily compare changes in the environment or project

Keep a clear visual record of assets, infrastructure, and projects

Automatically upload data to DroneDeploy for analysis

Autonomous inspection with robots

Robots powered by the DroneDeploy platform are changing how inspection is done. See how in the Oil & Gas, Construction and Solar industries.

Meet Spot from Boston Dynamics

Review & Annotate Data in DroneDeploy

Automate the upload of image & video data to the cloud

Process videos to create 360 virtual tours of your environments

Review & share 360 Walkthroughs without ever setting foot on-site

Add annotations to Walkthroughs & notify staff of issues or tasks

Push data to relevant software such as Procore or BIM 360


What Are the Benefits of Robots?

Digitize every inspection of assets and infrastructure

Reduce time & costs spent on manual inspections

Improve accuracy & consistency of data

Employees don’t need to travel to sites as often

Leave robots on-site to perform autonomous missions

Easily inspect building interiors and multiple levels

Keep workers out of hazardous environments.

Watch the video to see Spot in action at a New Zealand energy plant.

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Discover real-world use cases for ground robots in industries including construction, energy and agriculture. Contact us to learn more.