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"DroneDeploy makes it possible for just about anyone to fly drones."

"DroneDeploy specializes in analyzing and mapping aerial data captured for agriculture and construction projects."

"DroneDeploy's app is about to make farming more efficient."

Recent Press Releases

Drone on Demand Makes Real-time Drone Insights Accessible to All

The partnership allows DroneDeploy users across industries such as construction, solar, insurance, and agriculture, to pay $99 to get a drone flight flown by a local certified pilot instead of traveling to a job site.

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DroneDeploy Launches Real-Time Mapping for Instant Aerial Data and Analysis

Live Map Creates Instant Drone Maps on iOS Devices, Allowing Decision-Makers to Take Immediate Action

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DroneDeploy Launches New Cloud-Based Drone Software for Roofing Industry

For the first time, roofing, solar, and insurance companies can easily and affordably inspect and measure roofs with industry-leading accuracy.

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Announcing Fortune 500 Enterprise Mapping Software

DroneDeploy announced sweeping updates to its enterprise solution—allowing companies of all sizes to scale their drone operations and gain access to valuable drone data faster than ever before.

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Partnership with SLANTRANGE and Sentera, for Accurate Crop Health Analysis Using Near-Infrared and Multispectral Sensors

DroneDeploy announced new capabilities to help growers perform more accurate plant health analysis and process high-quality maps during all stages of crop growth.

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Partnership with DJI, Complete Drone Mapping Construction Solution

The Construction Mapping Package Provides the Construction Industry with a Powerful, Turnkey Solution to Manage, Measure, and Communicate Site Progress with Aerial Drone Data

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Announcing Fieldscanner, Instant Maps for Agriculture

DroneDeploy announced the beta release of its new Fieldscanner product offering real-time drone mapping, just in time for the spring growing season.

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Platform Now Integrated with John Deere API

DroneDeploy is now connected with the John Deere Operations Center. Just in time for the critical spring planting season, the integration allows users to synchronize...

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Report Reveals Drone Industry Trends Across 160 Countries

DroneDeploy revealed its third Commercial Drone Industry Trends Report, representing analysis of more than 10 million acres mapped by drone users in more than 160 countries across all seven continents.

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