Drone Mapping in Construction & Surveying

Easily monitor progress on your construction site

There‚Äôs a lot to keep track of on your job site — project progress, the location of equipment, the volume of materials left — and an aerial view makes it all a lot easier.

The latest generation of drones and cloud-based image processing put professional-quality aerial imagery into the hands of builders and project managers in a way that is faster, and more cost-effective than ever before.

My favorite thing about DroneDeploy is the service. The customer service is amazing. Any time I've had any issues, they've always been crazy responsive.


  • Automated Flight

    Use our free app for iOS or Android to fly your DJI drone

  • Fast Map Processing

    Upload imagery from any drone to generate a high-quality map

  • Elevation & 3D Models

    Create and analyze elevation maps and 3D models

  • Instant Measurements

    Make real-time measurements including distance, area and volume

  • Collaborative Insights

    Share maps with other users and tools to put insights into action

Real People. Real Results.

Drones Building ROI at Construction Sites

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