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Tanzania Flying Labs Uses DroneDeploy for Humanitarian Aid

September 22, 2022

We’re proud to feature this story from Tanzania Flying Labs. The organization is focused on upskilling local communities with drone data to improve livelihoods. The organization uses drones and DroneDeploy in humanitarian response to get rapid, accurate data from the field.

DroneDeploy supports over 100 nonprofits through our philanthropic arm, The company was founded with a social impact mission and continues to find innovative ways to use our product and company for climate, communities, and crisis response.

Tanzania Flying Labs is part of the Flying Labs Network. The Network is co-created with and facilitated by WeRobotics. The network shifts power with local experts in 30+ countries across Africa, Latin America, Asia, and beyond to build, facilitate and contribute to local solutions.

If you’re interested in learning more about our social impact program or applying, visit

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