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Save Money and Increase Transparency with DroneDeploy and Procore

October 8, 2019


integration with Procore and DroneDeploy

4 hours

a week saved in verifying as-built vs. as-designed


saved on average for each project

Coordinating work at a construction site requires high levels of accuracy and agility. When you factor in government regulations, worksite safety, or the veracity of on-the-ground conditions, keeping construction projects on time and on a budget can become an even more challenging endeavor.

That’s why DroneDeploy and Procore worked together over the past year to develop a deep integration for site reality capture and management. This integration allows construction companies to validate designs faster, reduce subcontractor risk, and delight owners and stakeholders by visually reporting progress.

As construction continues to evolve and incorporate new technologies to improve safety and efficiency, Procore is proud to partner with DroneDeploy to bring the most cutting edge technology to help make any construction project stay on time, under budget, and complete their work safely. This partnership is a big step towards a seamless integration between field and office.

Eric Tucker picture

Eric Tucker, Business Development Manager, Procore

Combining Procore’s site safety and construction management solutions with DroneDeploy’s industry-leading job site reality solution empowers project managers to take a holistic view of any job site via a complete aerial picture. Procore Drawings can now be overlaid onto DroneDeploy aerial maps, making it possible to track the progress of a design over the lifetime of a project. Changes made to any Procore design will be automatically synced with DroneDeploy, ensuring all users are making decisions based on the same, accurate, up-to-date information.

DroneDeploy’s Procore integration also automatically syncs Progress Photos to daily logs, creating a visual documentation of progress and a complete record of the entire project’s life cycle. This accurate, visual record provides clarity and insight for every connected stakeholder and ensures a well-documented record of compliance for legal or safety matters. Additionally, DroneDeploy has leveraged Procore's Embedded Experience framework, where you can take full advantage of DroneDeploy such as viewing progress, taking measurements, or creating annotations without leaving Procore.

Customers are already taking advantage of the partnership between DroneDeploy and Procore to enhance their construction projects.

DroneDeploy and Procore together have helped us stay on track with many of our projects; on average we have saved 4 hours a week in site analysis checking as-designed vs. as-built as well as potential risks. This has helped us spot issues and check subcontractor work, which has saved us $2,500 on average for each project. We now have the peace of mind knowing each project is visually documented and stored within our project management software.

Jose A. Rivera picture

Jose A. Rivera, Director of Operational Excellence, Stiles Construction

Stiles Construction leverages DroneDeploy and Procore to help when pouring concrete with post-tension cables, which requires careful inspection and placement of MEP sleeves. They are reducing the risk posed by the installation of post-tension cables by overlaying Procore drawings on top of the aerial map created by DroneDeploy prior to a pour. By assessing and verifying the accuracy of the build process, they save thousands of dollars in potential re-work while keeping their construction sites as safe as possible.

The DroneDeploy and Procore integration is also helping construction companies save money and secure new contracts. Proposing a new construction project requires careful planning and if you have a current understanding of the ground truth you are able to make your bids more competitive. Armed with aerial job site imagery, Key Construction was able to demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of a job proposal throughout the entire bid process and ultimately secure a construction contract.

For stakeholders invested in the progress and success of a construction project, DroneDeploy’s Procore integration provides an additional layer of peace-of-mind. Rather than relying solely on checklists and photographs, stakeholders receive aerial imagery and automatically-synced photos so they can see a more holistic view of the project progress. An up-to-date snapshot of a construction site can help alleviate or address any potential concerns with the project as they occur in real-time, ensuring costly mistakes aren’t overlooked during any point of construction.

Construction companies and project managers seeing accurate, up-to-date information about their projects can now take advantage of DroneDeploy’s Procore integration with the latest release of the DroneDeploy software. From job site safety to regulatory compliance, DroneDeploy and Procore together can paint a powerful and comprehensive picture of any construction project, reducing errors, saving money, and keeping schedules on time.

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