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Improve Compliance Reporting and Lower Carbon Emissions in Oil & Gas

December 2, 2021

The oil & gas industry is sitting on a major environmental and operational growth opportunity: drone data. According to a 2020 Barclays report, digitizing sites, projects, and assets can lead to $150 billion per year in cost savings for the industry. This number is likely even larger considering remote operations and increased automation due to massive reorganizations spurred by the COVID-19 pandemic. So what are the specific benefits of this technology, and how can one use drone software efficiently to significantly impact ROI? We’re breaking down what energy companies can expect to gain from enterprise-wide drone data in the following post.


Standardize Compliance Reporting

Build trust and create transparency between your organization and any regulatory agency by standardizing your compliance reporting. By regularly flying your job site and keeping detailed notes on each asset, issue identification is simplified. A historical record of maintenance proves compliance with local and industry standards and can be shared with stakeholders or project teams in just a few clicks. Plus, this comprehensive documentation empowers proactive maintenance and uniform protocol. DroneDeploy’s Enhanced Progress Reports streamline the inspection process with PDF reports that include photos, videos, and other progress media of every asset – all easily shareable via email.


Reduce Carbon Emissions On-Site

We can all agree that reducing travel time to a site leads to fewer CO2 emissions. By investing in your organization’s remote infrastructure, this up-front cost pays off in sizable ROI. Not only will your employees be grateful for the offsite collaboration, but they’ll also receive more of their time back with a reduced commute. With more time at home or in the office, standard personnel exposure is limited. Combined with the above action, safety issues can be remotely mapped, identified, and reported on with ease, limiting potential exposures.

Safety & Operational Data Together

Rather than bounce between multiple documentation, reporting, or quality assurance platforms, DroneDeploy’s all-in-one solution integrates the three. And with our acquisition of New Zealand-based robotics firm, Rocos, automated inspections don’t just have to occur through the air. By utilizing ground robotics like DroneDeploy’s 360 Walkthrough, assets are given the manual inspection treatment without human interference. This is just another step towards the complete digital transformation of the oil & gas industry and a fully automated job site.

If you’re interested in bringing drone data to your organization, watch our webinar on what’s next for drones in energy, or contact us.

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