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May 1, 2023

Our mission at is to provide the tools for everyone to capture their reality and use this power and knowledge to shape the future. We see this story playing out around the globe, empowering new voices as they capture their reality for good. In this report, we highlight how our impact partners are using insights from reality capture technology to fight for their resources, livelihoods, and communities.

Social impact by the numbers

A board of data representing DroneDeploy's humanitarian efforts

Our impact areas partners with nonprofit organizations across the world working in conservation, crisis response, and community engagement. We are proud to offer free or discounted access to our software, training resources, and support to aid these organizations in furthering their missions.

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Management of landscapes, wildlife, and cultural resources for conservation and sustainable use is critical as we face increasing pressures on our natural environment from climate change and land use change. Reality capture data helps document changes over time and plan new strategies.

Our product helps organizations working in conservation by: Capturing reality in remote locations, Documenting changes in the physical and natural world, Supporting community-led conservation

Drone shot of a wildfire response team


We continue to face record numbers of natural disasters, impacting the world’s most vulnerable populations. Reality capture can help throughout the cycle of disaster and crisis response, leading to improved outcomes.

Our product helps organizations working in crisis by: Improving safety in crisis response, Responding with speed and precision, Building community resilience

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Our work is most effective when done in collaboration and partnership with others. We seek to uplift innovation and leadership, inspire new voices in our industry, and place deep roots in the communities we live and work in.

Our product helps organizations working in communities by: Supporting STEAM education, Developing place-based partnerships, Inspiring community leadership

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Take a deep dive into our impact work and hear from partners on how they are using reality capture technology for good.

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