Linear Flight Plan

Linear Flight Plan

Easily plan flights over long infrastructure such as pipeline, roadways, railways and waterways. See updates in real time with live maps.

Optimize planning to reduce flight time and improve imagery.


  • Planning with a linear editor
  • Adjustable altitude
  • Adjustable corridor count
  • Adjustable side and front lap
  • Persisted linear mode
  • Regular checkpoint intervals
  • Supports livemap

You need to be a part of an organization to use this app. In order to enable organizations, please upgrade to a business plan.


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Dashboard Flight Planning Preflight Checklist

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Known Issues:

  • Waypoints occasionally not updated correctly, simply adjust any sliders, settings in the dashboard it will bring back the original planned path.
  • When connecting a drone, plan may reset. Save the linear flight plan from the app to set back to the linear path.