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We're making the sky accessible and actionable to everyone.


Preparing students for the workforce of tomorrow.


Software donations to empower your work.

Crisis Response

Short-term software access to respond to disasters.


Employee volunteering and giving.

Turning insight into action

We deliver the best technology to those who need it most. Save time, resources, and increase collaboration by using aerial and ground data to perform surveys, monitor progress, and engage your audience. Bringing full drone capabilities into one solution, DroneDeploy enables you to capture interior, exterior, ground, and aerial data. Use this digital twin for an in-depth analysis of the world's most pressing challenges.

Maximize your nonprofit’s impact


The best technology available for drone operations, connected to the most important work. We partner worldwide with nonprofits to perform mission-critical work that enhances their operations.

The convenience of DroneDeploy and the many outputs we are able to benefit from is unlike anything we could have ever dreamed of.  Simply put, DroneDeploy has changed the way we conduct ourselves.

- Sam Meacham, Director, CINDAQ

Here when you need us most

Emergency response teams can leverage DroneDeploy software to quickly scale operations in times of crisis. Assess damage, monitor and respond to incidents, expedite insurance claims, and help with the rebuilding process.

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Natural Disasters

DroneDeploy is used to assess the damage and build back after earthquakes, landslides, hurricanes, and flooding events.


Firefighters are using DroneDeploy for disaster planning and management. Learn how we supported Camp Fire relief efforts.

Search and Rescue

Public safety departments are turning to DroneDeploy to assist in search & rescue and prevent future disasters.

During the immediate aftermath of Indonesia’s catastrophic earthquake and tsunami in 2018, Disaster Relief Australia flew 42 missions, capturing 6,000 images over 104 acres of land. This data identified structures and jump-started search and rescue operations within 24-48 hours.

- Brian Hoade, Disaster Relief Australia

Careers taking off

Drone technology is changing job sites, fields and workplaces. We are committed to preparing an inclusive and diverse workforce. That’s why DroneDeploy.org provides universities, trade schools, and K-12 discounted access to training, software, and certifications.

Drone Deploy enables us to explore UAV technology and its application at the fundamental research level in row and specialty crops, and the broader applied level through county educators in their local communities.

John R Scott, Extension Coordinator for Digital Agriculture, Purdue University

A culture of giving

Our social impact program is powered and inspired by our employees. Their experience, dedication, and business expertise drive dronedeploy.org’s work. Throughout the year, we host employee volunteer events, run company matches, employee giving challenges, and give our time to elevate our partners through dronedeploy.org.

Social impact is embedded into our companies business, people, and community. We want our product to enable organizations that are having a positive impact on the health of the world’s people, habitats, and history.

- Mike Winn, CEO, DroneDeploy

Joining forces for good

We commit one percent of our most valuable assets – people, product, and time – to serving and supporting local and global communities.

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