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Nonprofit organizations around the world use DroneDeploy to make their drone data actionable. We proudly offer qualifying organizations our software at discounted prices for single pilots and large teams. Nonprofits may try DroneDeploy for free for their entire organization for 14 days.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a discount for nonprofits, education, and disaster response?

Yes. provides discounted software to qualified nonprofits, education institutions, and disaster response programs. We also offer training and assistance to our partners to ensure they are successful.

Why use drones?

Drones reduce time, cost, and risk, allowing you to go further with fewer resources. Deepen stakeholder relationships by panoramic views and reality capture insight into your operations. Gain insight by analyzing data for system progress and health, tagging and responding to issues on the ground.

What types of organizations are using drone technology?

The use of drones is exploding across all industries. We see drone technology as beneficial in science, agriculture, construction, clean energy, conservation, and more.

Why does DroneDeploy work with nonprofits?

DroneDeploy was founded by three South African friends to help park rangers protect endangered wildlife in Kruger National Park. This foundation has driven the company's growth and mission: to make the sky accessible and actionable to everyone. We work with organizations to make drones a catalyst for social good.