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Standardize drone operations, build traction, and see ROI fast

Build your drone program right, from day one.


On-line or On-site training to get your teams ready for success


Design and standardize your drone operation and data workflow

Flight Services

Drone data on demand anywhere in the world


We’ll help you with standardized training to give you comfort knowing your drone program is safe, consistent, and compliant. DroneDeploy will train your team on flying, processing, and gathering insights - from onsite trainings to self-serve content in the DroneDeploy Academy.

  • Improve Safety
  • Increase Confidence
  • Establish Consistent Processes
  • Ensure Compliance
  • Generate ROI faster
  • Reduce time and burden of adding new users

Brasfield and Gorrie

Mc Carthy

Bruin EP Partners


Whitewater Hydrogeology Ltd


We’ll help you design and standardize your drone operation and data workflow.

  • Develop company and workflow-specific Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
  • Define key ROI metrics and means to track them
  • Establish control and oversight of your drone operations
  • Navigate the drone regulatory environment, from waivers to fly over people/at night, to operating in complex airspace
  • Bespoke drone data workflow design

DroneDeploy's training team added a ton of value at our in-person training sessions. Our pilots loved having a drone SME on-site and they were instrumental in facilitating practice flight sessions.

Emily Ineman picture Emily Ineman, Sr. Project Manager, Operations, Sunrun

Flight Services

DroneDeploy offers global data collection services for augmenting your existing in-house program or outsourcing drone operations. Order to delivery all happens within the DroneDeploy platform.

  • Flight templates tailored to your workflow and needs
  • Value-added services to drive additional insights
  • Drone data is always delivered on-time and up-to-spec so your team can focus on making decisions
  • Generate value immediately without needing to stand up a drone program
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Speed up your time to ROI, and standardize your drone operations from day one. Build internal traction and ensure the success of your program.