Reality capture software for asset inspection

Digital Asset Inspection for Energy

Digitize your asset inspection workflow. Perform virtual inspections using aerial drone data and 360 camera walkthroughs.

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Improve decision quality with more efficient inspections with aerial surveys

Inspections can cost companies hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost productivity due to disjointed processes and inefficient data management. Companies also see high costs when renting equipment or paying for helicopter flights, which also puts workers at risk. By using drones and 360 cameras operated with DroneDeploy, these inspections can save both time and money, and keep your entire team connected to any asset anywhere.
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Reduce equipment downtime with proactive maintenance
Save Time & Cut Inspection Costs
Improve Stakeholder Communication

Reduce equipment downtime with proactive maintenance

Manage assets at scale and reduce the risk of large scale issues

  • Create a digital twin of each asset to capture current site conditions
  • Plan better and lower CAPEX and  OPEX spending
  • Use applications such as Thermal Live Map, live streaming, and automated flight plans to gather real-time in-field intelligence.

Save Time & Cut Inspection Costs

Digitize entire asset portfolios to remove high cost and dangerous inspections

  • Increase quality of data captured and reduce time and personnel on-site
  • Speed up site inspection processes with high-resolution drone maps & 360 Walkthroughs
  • Reduce costs associated with costly and risky inspections while conducting inspections more regularly and efficiently

Improve Stakeholder Communication

Improve transparency and collaboration with stakeholders using high-resolution imagery of every asset and facility

  • Oversee infrastructure inspection and monitor equipment with live streaming
  • Easily transfer maps, models, and photos into your data warehouse through APIs or document storage solutions like OneDrive, and more
  • Create your own workflows and connect to your systems with the DroneDeploy SDK. Use serverless functions and workflow triggers to create solutions built for your organization

360 Virtual Walkthrough

Learn how 360 Walkthrough from DroneDeploy can leverage 360 cameras to gather high-resolution facility and ground data and transform that into virtual tours.

Transmission & Distribution Line Inspection

With flight modes, such as manual and corridor flight, you can easily conduct a visual inspection from the safety of the ground. Then, once processed, you can conduct a virtual inspection to inspect structural elements and easily share them with experts, stakeholders, and vendors.

Nuclear Cooling Towers & Tank Inspection

With automated drone flight paths and 360 Walkthrough,  you can virtually inspect each asset and share it with your team for deeper analysis. Create one source of truth for each asset, creating a digital repository of every asset under management.

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