Site Reality Inspection for Construction

Perform virtual inspections throughout the project’s entire lifecycle using aerial data + 360 Walkthroughs to validate work performed, generate issues, and document progress in a single platform.

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Site Reality Inspection for Construction

 Simple Mobile Application For Virtual 360

Construction projects require frequent inspections of site conditions and work performed to ensure as-built meets designs. Project managers, VDC teams, Engineers, and Superintendents leverage aerial data + 360 Walkthrough data for all project phases to complete trade partner sign offs, punch list walks, closeouts, safety inspections, and more.

Complete Site Reality Throughout All Project Phases

Expand site documentation coverage with both ground + aerial insights

Connect More Stakeholders

Keep owners, clients, and trade partners informed in one platform

Reduce Rework and Project Risk 

Replace high cost and dangerous inspections with remote accessed visual data

Interior Inspection Issue Tracking

Confirm work progress status, identify safety hazards, incomplete work, or clash detections, and send issues directly to BIM 360 Docs/Procore Observations. 

  • Perform pre-construction walkthroughs for renovation/demolition baseline tracking 
  • Execute progress tracking and subcontractor work validations for Electrical, Structural, Framing, Drywall, Plumbing
  • Report issues found with 360 walkthroughs on project plans and send to Procore/BIM 360 for streamlined project management resolution

Once we get into the interior phase, we can now retroactively check our walkthroughs and identify any areas we may have missed. Then, we can directly send or tag this documentation to workers on-site through the Procore Observation tab.

Exterior Building Facade Issue Tracking

Perform high-resolution inspections safely with drones to identify issues and automatically send results and notes to BIM 360 Docs/Procore Observations. 

  • Perform pre-construction inspections with drones and win more bids with high resolution 3D models of existing facade conditions 
  • Safely inspect sheathing, waterproofing, and finishes without placing workers at risk
  • Complete punch lists and as-built documentation for each phase using vertical flight

The advanced obstacle avoidance features on Skydio 2 with the DroneDeploy flight app have enabled our teams to explore new types of drone missions that previously were unable to execute safely, such as indoor and confined space inspections, and automated flight on sites with active tower cranes.

Learn More About 360 Walkthrough

Contact us to learn how we can help you document and track ground and interior progress with our 360 Walkthrough solution

Earthworks Site Management Tracking

Monitor progress of grading operations, utility installations, and other site work by comparing to design, issues identified can be marked and sent directly to BIM 360 Docs/Procore Observations

  • Compare grading plans to completed work at each phase to inform project stakeholders and calculate remaining earth to be moved
  • Perform Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) weatherproofing inspections
  • Measure cut/fill volumes quickly to validate subcontractor work and document for protection against disputes 

One of the major milestones is what we call reaching sub-grade. When we surveyed the sub-grade, it wasn’t entirely correct. With the help of drone data, we were able to easily visualize the areas that were high or low.

We have collaborated with Boston Dynamics and Brasfield & Gorrie Construction to develop a unique workflow using the new 360 Walkthrough.