What's Next for Drones in Agriculture

Dive into the latest trends and issues

February 17, 2021
Join our subject matter expert, Kyle Miller, as he dives into the latest trends and issues impacting the agriculture industry today. Learn what tools, technologies, and product features gain leverage on the field ahead of this year’s growing season. Register for this webinar to: Learn about our new stand count assessment Discover the latest agriculture trends Utilize best drone practices in the field Integrate drone data into your current agricultural practices Create and manage prescription maps in-app


Kyle Miller
Solutions Engineer, DJI

Kyle Miller is part of DJI's solutions engineering team. Kyle grew up on a corn and soybean farm in Iowa, and has degrees in computer science and agribusiness. He has been researching remote sensing technology for more than 10 years, and creating drone maps since 2013. Since building his first UAV 10 years ago, Kyle has utilized drone data in a number of different commercial industries including AEC, surveying, and agriculture.

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