Thermal Mapping & Analysis for Commercial Roofing

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April 15, 2021
Join our subject matter expert and Enterprise Services Manager, Matt Lyon, as he provides a step-by-step look into the DroneDeploy workflow for commercial roof thermal analysis. In this one-hour session, you’ll learn how to tailor your thermal inspections for your roofing goals, and master how to put these insights into practice. Register for this webinar to: Learn how to conduct thermal inspections via DroneDeploy Verify the optimal specs for thermal mapping on commercial roofs Understand how to analyze radiometric thermal maps Discover how to put your thermal roofing data into action


Matt Lyon
Enterprise Services Manager, DroneDeploy

Matt Lyon is an Enterprise Services Manager with DroneDeploy and specializes in teaching pilots of all skill levels how to fly and operate the DroneDeploy platform. His engineering background and extensive experience in operations in the drone industry since 2015 has allowed him the opportunity to standardize fight and capture operations across many different industries and customers. Matt’s passion is helping customers unleash the power of drones.

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