Many common uses of drone maps such as crop scouting and site documentation don’t require a high degree of accuracy. But accuracy is vital to professionals in the construction, surveying, and aggregates industries. Processing a drone map with GCPs (Ground Control Points) allows you to produce highly accurate maps and 3D models. Including GCPs has long been the most complex and time consuming part of processing accurate drone maps, but DroneDeploy customers can now tie ground control data into a map using a workflow that takes 20 minutes or less with a user interface that is intuitive and largely automated. Watch this webinar to learn the importance of GCPs and how you can begin creating accurate maps in minutes with our new self-serve tool. 

Watch today to learn:

  • Why Ground Control Points (GCPs) are important
  • When to use Ground Control Points on your jobsite 
  • How to use DroneDeploy's new self-serve GCP workflow to quickly tag and process maps with Ground Control Points 
  • How to accurately capture ground control data using global navigation satellite systems (GNSS)