Changes happen fast during the growing season. Having access to timely, accurate information in the field is key to identifying and minimizing the impact of pests, disease, and other crop issues. While you might wait days for airplane or satellite imagery, or spend hours uploading and processing a typical drone map, Live Map can capture a field map as the drone flies.

Watch this webinar to hear from DroneDeploy’s in-house product and agriculture experts Andy Putch and Kyle Miller as they explore the use of drone mapping for real-time analysis in the field. You can expect to learn how to quickly spot crop variability, identify pests and disease, and make in-field decisions using DroneDeploy. You’ll also get an in-depth look at DroneDeploy’s newest real-time mapping tool, and hear tips for making smarter crop management decisions all season long.

  • Why UAVs are transforming workflows on the farm
  • How to reduce time in the field and benefit from real-time data
  • How to make smarter crop management decisons with drone maps
  • Best flight practices for immediate success in the field

Download the presentation slides here.