Woodside, Australia’s largest independent oil and gas company, was looking for a way to safely and remotely inspect electrical assets in hazardous areas. Their team enlisted the help of DroneDeploy and Boston Dynamics, to build an automated solution to this common industry challenge. Enter Spector!

Woodside now uses DroneDeploy’s reality capture platform to send Spot from Boston Dynamics on fully automated inspection missions. Spot captures 360 walkthroughs of sites, runs this data through OCR to read asset tags and locations, then returns to capture high-res PTZ images of assets. Maintenance issues are identified and asset records updated in real-time.

The innovative solution is saving Woodside significant time and resources and enabling smarter, more reliable asset maintenance. All while keeping human workers out of harm’s way.

In this session, you’ll hear from experts at DroneDeploy, Boston Dynamics and Woodside who will cover:

  • The operational requirements involved in productionizing robots like Spot
  • How to improve the accuracy, timeliness and consistency of asset management data
  • How Spot can be augmented with human tasks to speed up asset inspection
  • The process required for Spot to perform regular autonomous 360 site inspections
  • How inspections can be intelligently prioritized based on collected data

Together, Woodside, DroneDeploy and Boston Dynamics are pioneering a smarter approach to asset management which could revolutionize the energy sector. Join this session to learn about their journey and the exciting applications of robotic inspection technology.