Verifying that elements are in the correct position before pouring concrete is essential to any vertical construction project's critical path, and we have seen an increase in project teams using DroneDeploy to complete this quality control workflow.

Our mission is to make it painless for our users to quickly validate in-slab placement issues and proactively address them in the field in order to prevent the need for costly rework.

Interested in learning how to incorporate drone data and AI in your own quality control workflows? Join us on Wednesday, August 9, as Philip Lorenzo, Director of Engineering and Tucker Jones, Customer Success Engineer, dive into:

  • Recommended best practices for capturing drone data during this phase, 
  • How to incorporate it into your quality control workflows before concrete gets poured, 
  • Best practices for assembling composite sleeve drawings,
  • Insights from our newest report – the Pre-Pour Construction AI Report  – which analyzes the drone ortho map against a coordinated plan to deliver a detailed deviation analysis of the site in 2-4 hours.