Drones in the Age of Automation

Learn practical applications of computer vision, machine learning, and flight automation in drone technology

April 10, 2020
Drone adoption is skyrocketing. Companies around the world now deploy drones at scale to solve the biggest challenges facing agriculture, construction, and insurance. And DroneDeploy users have already collected more than 30 million acres of drone data. But what’s next as drone hardware, software, and regulations evolve? And how will drone technology adapt to manage the influx of millions of drones and the data they create? Join DroneDeploy's co-founders Jono Millin and Nicholas Pilkington, as they explore the future of commercial UAVs in the age of automation, and take a look at the practical applications of computer vision, machine learning, and flight automation in 2018 and beyond.


Nicholas Pilkington
CTO and Co-Founder, DroneDeploy

Nicholas Pilkington is the co-founder and CTO of DroneDeploy, where he runs the computer vision teams and is responsible for the company’s technical strategy. Originally from South Africa, he completed degrees in Computer Science, Maths and Information Systems at Rhodes University. After graduating, he received a M.Phil and Ph.D in machine learning from the University of Cambridge as a Nelson Mandela Rhodes Scholar. When he isn’t working, he likes to cook, participate in international coding competitions and practice yoga.

Jono Millin
Co-founder and CCO, DroneDeploy

Jono Millin is the co-founder and CCO of DroneDeploy, where he is responsible for the overall customer experience of the DroneDeploy platform. Millin completed his undergraduate degree in Computer Science, Information Systems and Applied Maths at Rhodes University before moving to the UK to obtain an MSc in Artificial Intelligence, and 2/3 of a PhD in Machine Learning from the University of Edinburgh. When not playing with flying robots and computers, Jono can be found rock climbing or playing squash.

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