Documenting Your Job Site in the Wake of COVID-19

Save time, reduce costs, and keep your stakeholders informed

April 30, 2020
In an effort to slow the spread of COVID-19, countries all over the world are closing non-essential job sites or adjusting operations to keep teams safe. Whether your company is facing a shutdown or you still have active job sites, documentation is critical for companies looking to save time, reduce costs, and keep their stakeholders informed. Watch this webinar to hear from experts that are leading the charge to leverage drone technology on their job sites. Expect to learn how DroneDeploy can be used to: Enable drone technology to be your bird’s eye view of your site Preserve a digital, visual record of your job site before decommissioning Create 2D and 3D maps for accuracy and detail to resume operations quickly Geotag onsite tools, machinery, supplies, and assets Access and share your data, maps, and reports securely


Chad LaFrance
Enterprise Solutions Engineer, DroneDeploy

Chad LaFrance is an Enterprise Solutions Engineer at DroneDeploy. With a consulting background primarily focused on the Energy industry, he has helped organizations understand the value of drone software and leverage its ability to provide fast and reliable data to operate safer and more efficiently. Chad is from the great state of Texas and has an engineering degree from Texas A&M University.

John Dougherty
Vice President of Maintenance Sales, Juniper Landscaping

John Dougherty joined the Juniper team in 2016 after taking time off work to travel around the country in his Airstream. He has over 20 years of experience working throughout Florida in the fields of landscape maintenance, fertilization, pest control, landscape design, landscape installation, irrigation, and arbor care.

Katie O'Leary
Sr. Product Marketing Manager, DroneDeploy

Katie O’Leary is the Sr. Product Marketing Manager at DroneDeploy, driving go to market strategy and customer engagement. With 10 years of digital marketing experience, Katie has supported DroneDeploy’s international expansion while helping the company reach the 5,000 customer milestone. Katie grew up in the Bay Area where she currently lives with her husband and two children. Katie has a bachelor’s degree in Marketing from Bentley University.

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