Automating Ground & Aerial Data for Construction

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October 12, 2022
The potential for remote-based site reality data capture in construction has only skyrocketed since the pandemic’s inception, with more and more companies turning to hybrid or remote work. In this webinar, our industry experts will showcase how adding drones, 360 walkthroughs, and ground robotics on a jobsite to improve efficiency, cross-team communication, and inspection safety/accuracy/frequency. With a host of data at your disposal, remote coordination and virtual information-sharing is made simple. There’s never been a better time to invest in emerging technologies.


Joshua Voelker
Enterprise Solutions Engineer, DroneDeploy

Joshua Voelker is an Enterprise Solutions Engineer at DroneDeploy. He has been in the UAV industry for more than 7 years. Josh has a degree in Professional Aviation and Unmanned Systems from Indiana State University. He has worked as a UAV Pilot and Consultant serving Utility companies across the U.S. Josh is a licensed UAS Thermographer as well as a certified LiDAR Pilot.

Haydn Bradfield
Product Specialist GR , DroneDeploy

Haydn Bradfield is a Product Specialist for the Ground Robotics team at DroneDeploy. With a construction engineering and surveying background primarily focused on the Construction industry, he has worked with organizations to deploy and understand the value of autonomous ground robotics. Haydn currently lives in New Zealand but is originally from South Africa and has an engineering degree from Stellenbosch University.

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