At DroneDeploy, our customers often ask: “What should I do to generate accurate topographic data?” This leads to more questions:

• What are optimal flight settings? (altitude, overlap, etc.)
• How many GCPs and checkpoints do I need to generate accurate data?
• What is the optimal image/GCP ratio for best accuracy?
• How should I layout my GCPs/checkpoints to improve accuracy?
• How many GCPs should I use when flying with the Phantom 4 RTK?
• How many GCPs are too many?

We wanted clear, data-driven answers, so we organized one of the most extensive aerial photogrammetry studies, using the P4 RTK, created to-date: 1 mission, 85 control points, 75 processed maps, and over 1100 acres in Douglas County, Colorado. Download the eBook to see our findings.