DroneDeploy's State of the Drone Industry Report 2022

750+ respondents. 20+ industries. 40+ countries. What this year's drone and robotics trends mean for your industry.

While 2020 was a year of widespread uncertainty for industries at-large, 2021 saw many of these sectors continuing to adapt and retool their operations to help mitigate the pandemic’s ongoing impact. Operational shifts that may have been seen as “temporary” in March of 2020 are now the new norm, and “business as usual” may never look like it did a year ago. In DroneDeploy’s 2022 State of the Drone Industry findings, we can see a few trends emerge at-length regarding the future of construction, energy, agriculture, and other key industries. From our results, it’s clear that companies are turning to digital twins, drones, robotics, and automation technologies now more than ever – and reaping the benefits. Across the more than 750+ customers surveyed in 20+ industries and 40+ countries, one finding stands out as universal: digital reality capture is critical for the future of any business.

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