Today, thousands of industry professionals use drone data solutions like DroneDeploy to reduce the time and money spent on manual inspections. And itโ€™s no wonder why: drone software enables inspection professionals to become more efficient on the jobsite, increase worker safety, and better document critical site or asset inspections.

DroneDeploy allows you to conduct inspections from the ground, identify and document issues from the office, and collaborate with teammates to ensure problems are resolved.

Whether you already have a drone solution in place on your jobsite, or you are just starting to consider one, this ebook provides you with everything you need to know to successfully establish a drone data solution.

In this eBook, we will examine:

  • What is a drone data solution?
  • Key benefits of using drone data in an inspection
  • The key workflows where a drone data solution provides value for Oil & Gas, Property Management, Construction, and Mining
  • How to get started with DroneDeploy