California Resources Corp: Drone Data Enhances Inspections and Communications

CRC enjoys 40% time reduction for inspection workflows

Since 2015, the oil & gas industry has invested heavily in new technologies to drive efficiency and safety. The California Resources Corporation (“CRC”), the largest oil and natural gas producer in California, has taken significant strides to employ proven modern technologies – especially drones – to enhance safety, promote team communications, and improve production efficiency and reliability. CRC incorporated drones and DroneDeploy software into its operations in 2018. And in less than two years, the company is already realizing the benefits. While still early in its technology implementation, CRC estimates the financial impact of using drones and DroneDeploy to be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, and that level of savings has continued to flourish. The company also found these new technologies improved communication and streamlined operations, while significantly reducing the cost of inspections by eliminating the need for expensive manned aircraft and decreased risk to personnel.Download our eBook to learn about CRC’s business objectives in selecting DroneDeploy, its specific use cases, and the impact to its business.

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