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Manage a Team of Pilots and Analysts

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    Manage Flights

    Plan automatic flights, assign to qualified pilots and maintain compliant flight logs.

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    Process Maps Fast

    Quickly upload imagery to the cloud and process into detailed maps and 3D models.

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    Analyze & Act

    Share maps and connect with other tools via the App Market, APIs and exports.

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    Manage Teams

    Track hundreds of pilots and collaborators at a glance via the Admin Panel.

Connect Your Team with Collaborative Maps

Keep your team and projects on track with high-resolution, on-demand maps and 3D models that can be easily shared, assigned, and accessed by hundreds of users on any device.

By using drones, we have increased our field productivity by 50-75%.

Chris Barlett picture Chris Barlett, Director of Technology, ReconnTECH

All Your Team’s Drone Data at Your Fingertips

Maintain visibility with the Admin Panel and see where your team has flown, the routes they have mapped, and the data they have gathered and analyzed.

Opening the new admin panel for the first time I was quickly able to see a snapshot of all DroneDeploy flight activity within our organization. Within seconds, I was made aware that our pilots had flown more mapping missions in the last calendar year than there were business days.

Hunter Cole picture Hunter Cole, Innovation and Operational Technology, Brasfield & Gorrie

Keep your Drone Data Secure

Access Control

Share individual or groups of maps and missions, allowing access to DroneDeploy data on a need to know basis.

User Roles

Create user roles and permissions to ensure only qualified pilots are flying with DroneDeploy.

SAML Single Sign On

Enable users to access DroneDeploy data by signing in one time with a company SAML account.

The Data you Want in the Format you Need

Analyze your drone maps and point clouds with your favorite tools and deliver data in the format of your choice using DroneDeploy's flexible export options.

See Supported Formats

I've found DroneDeploy to be a new invaluable tool within my industry. I'm enabled to map fields and use the data efficiently. This system works masterfully, is well supported, and cutting edge in the ag industry.

Gary Sorrick picture Gary Sorrick, General Manager, Del Monte Foods

Build Custom Applications with our Powerful APIs

Streamline your workflow by integrating drone data directly into existing software or deploying custom applications to your team from within the DroneDeploy interface.

See Documentation

Scalability is critical when expanding UAV operations. With DroneDeploy, we can automate flight, access a large tech support team, process our data, and use APIs to integrate maps into our own proprietary design package. It gives us a straight-forward way to handle a lot of things together with a simple pricing model – freeing up our internal engineering, simplifying software licensing and removing the need to buy cloud processing time.

Kingsley Chen picture Kingsley Chen, UAV Operations Coordinator, Sunpower Corporation

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