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The Side by Side app on DroneDeploy’s App Market allows you to quickly compare two maps of the same area, side by side. This app works best when you have multiple maps from different times of a specific area or site. This app is ideal for construction sites, environmental analysis, change detection, and more.

Note: this app requires that you have at least two completed maps that are in the same general area.

How to use this app:

  • Once you have the Side by Side app installed on your DroneDeploy account, open and view one of your maps in DroneDeploy
  • Then, click the “Compare” button in the Side by Side app
  • A list of maps that are within the nearby vicinity of the currently viewed map will appear
  • Select the map which you want to compare to the currently viewed map
  • A new window will appear where you’ll be able to compare the two maps side by side

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