Live Map

Real-Time Mapping

No SD Cards. No Uploads. No Waiting.

Create maps in minutes to inform real-time decisions, entirely offline, no laptop or cell connection necessary.

Hours or days of waiting for crop imagery are over. We can capture real-time data in seconds without an internet connection, and begin making smarter crop management decisions before the drone hits the ground.

- Justin Metz, Technology Integration Specialist, Bowles Farms

Map Faster than Ever

  • Map 200 acres in 15 minutes without the need for cell connection or internet access
  • Live Map Only mode allows you to map without taking pictures, so you can cover more ground in less time
  • Reduce or eliminate battery swaps, and never worry about forgetting an SD card again

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Make Efficient
In-Field Decisions

  • Examine crops with plant health Live Map and immediately ground truth your findings using GPS navigation
  • Eliminate the need to drive back to the office and wait for data to upload and process
  • Spot crop variability, stress, and weather damage for immediate investigation

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Site Awareness When
& Where it Matters

  • Share Live Maps immediately and review site progress with drawing overlays to verify subcontractor work or resolve disputes
  • Coordinate disaster relief, cleanup, and damage assessment
  • Assist police, fire, and rescue efforts for emergency response

See The Unseeable
with Thermal Live Map

  • Visualize temperature range variability and generate thermal maps over large areas
  • Share thermal maps with your team. No internet required
  • See supported thermal drones and sensors needed