Live Map

Real-Time Mapping

No SD Cards. No Uploads. No Waiting.

Create maps in minutes to inform real-time decisions, entirely offline, no laptop or cell connection necessary.

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Hours or days of waiting for crop imagery are over. We can capture real-time data in seconds without an internet connection, and begin making smarter crop management decisions before the drone hits the ground.

Justin Metz - Bowles Farms

Technology Integration Specialist

Map Faster than Ever

Map 200 acres in 15 minutes without the need for cell connection or internet access

Live Map Only mode allows you to map without taking pictures, so you can cover more ground in less time

Reduce or eliminate battery swaps, and never worry about forgetting an SD card again

Make Efficient In-Field Decisions

Examine crops with plant health Live Map and immediately ground truth your findings using GPS navigation

Eliminate the need to drive back to the office and wait for data to upload and process

Spot crop variability, stress, and weather damage for immediate investigation

Site Awareness When & Where it Matters

Share Live Maps immediately and review site progress with drawing overlays to verify subcontractor work or resolve disputes

Coordinate disaster relief, cleanup, and damage assessment

Assist police, fire, and rescue efforts for emergency response

Make Efficient In-Field Decisions

Visualize temperature range variability and generate thermal maps over large areas

Share thermal maps with your team. No internet required