Empowering Drone Service Providers

More Time Flying, Less Time at Your Desk

You got into the drone service business because you love flying, but you don’t love the data management that comes with it.

DroneDeploy makes flight planning, image processing and map analysis easy, fast and reliable, so you can spend less time dealing with data, and more time flying.

My clients are generally in real estate, agriculture or mining and DroneDeploy adds value in all those sectors. Not only are the orthomosaics of high quality but there is the added benefit elevation data, NDVI data and 3D models. If the output wasn’t enough to make this a great software package, the real bonus is the ease of operation. From take-off to landing, one seamless operation.


  • Automated Flight

    Fly your DJI drone with our iOS or Android app

  • Fast Map Processing

    Upload imagery from any drone to generate a high-quality map

  • Powerful Analysis

    Elevation and plant health data, measurement and more

  • Build Your Brand

    Easily share data with clients using your own brand

  • Broad Compatibility

    Export data in the formats your clients need

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