What owners and contractors miss by NOT adopting reality capture

December 4, 2023

The days of solely relying on photos and spreadsheets to communicate jobsite changes are over. While these traditional methods have their place, reality capture provides owners and contractors with a new way to visualize their builds. Unfortunately, by disregarding the advantages of reality capture, owners and contractors risk missing out on critical insights that can prevent costly mistakes and drastically improve stakeholder communication.

This blog will take a quick dive into the reasons why integrating reality capture into your next project can help you achieve complete project certainty, catch unseen mistakes before they become costly issues, and give stakeholders the updates they need to feel confident in the project. Let’s get into it.

The pains of uncertainty on your jobsite

Managing a jobsite is challenging, no matter the size. Without a clear visual representation of your project, it's far too easy to overlook details and find your teams bogged down in time-consuming meetings and walkthroughs...all for the sake of jobsite certainty. Reality capture helps deliver that certainty across your project. 

Imagine being able to explore every detail of a project with just a few clicks. With highly accurate aerial maps and 360 walkthroughs, the moments you've captured can become more than just pictures, but known quantities that you can rely on. No more questioning if something happened or relying on lengthy discussions in meeting rooms. In DroneDeploy, you can compare your current site against your plans using overlays, giving both field teams and your key project stakeholders peace of mind knowing that everything is being built directly to plan. If you capture throughout the lifespan of your project, you can view all of your jobsite snapshots from pre-con to close-out to seamlessly communicate jobsite changes.

With this level of jobsite certainty, you can save valuable time and effort by streamlining the way you communicate and give stakeholders full confidence in the project through real-time updates. 

Buying into reality capture means buying down risk

One of the most significant challenges faced by owners and contractors is the risk of costly rework due to mistakes. These errors can include everything from incorrect concrete placement to underground utility strikes. Without adopting reality capture technology, this risk is amplified as it becomes easier to miss these expensive mistakes. Reality capture can provide an accurate visual representation of your project so that your teams know exactly where everything is before they even step onto the site. This enhanced awareness helps teams identify small issues early before they become big expensive problems later.

Incorporating 3D models and accurate aerial maps is akin to having an expert on the team who can foresee and mitigate risks. These tools offer more than just error detection; they provide a comprehensive understanding of the construction site, allowing for better decision-making and streamlined project management. For example, AI-powered concrete pre-pour reports give you the ability to tap into intelligent reporting to automatically identify critical issues before pouring concrete. 

By embracing reality capture, contractors and owners can not only prevent costly mistakes and delays but also ensure the delivery of higher-quality projects with improved outcomes.

Avoid jobsite tunnel vision

Photographs, meetings and spreadsheets only reveal so much about your jobsite. These traditional methods can sometimes lead to a 'tunnel vision' scenario for contractors and owners. This limited perspective can make project tracking difficult and bog down communication across various stakeholders. Reality capture technology offers a solution to this challenge.

This technology doesn’t just capture and store images; it creates comprehensive, detailed maps of your site, revealing aspects otherwise unseen. With DroneDeploy, you can take a step back in time, comparing your live site against every capture and map. This digital source of truth gives you the ability to peer behind walls after they’ve already been set, and identify utility lines after they’ve already been covered.

From the onset of a project, drone scans, 3D renderings and 360 walkthroughs provide a level of detail and analysis that was previously difficult to attain. This newfound visibility not only aids in visualizing the project but also in making more informed decisions based on detailed data and analysis.

Encouraging adoption of reality capture

Reality capture may provide deeper jobsite awareness, but adoption of this technology across your teams can prove as its own challenge. Promoting the adoption of reality capture technology in the construction industry starts with raising awareness and enhancing understanding of its benefits. As professionals in the field, it is crucial to demonstrate how these tools can not only streamline processes but also bring substantial improvements in efficiency and project outcomes. Once the value of reality capture is recognized, the conversation can naturally progress to practical applications and integration into your workflow.

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