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Visibility at New Heights: Win Bids, Manage Projects, and Drive Accountability

March 21, 2020

On time. On budget. Client satisfaction. Most construction companies aspire to these goals, but mid-project, they can seem unattainable.

Project complexity, numerous stakeholders, and questionable data are challenges for many industries. In the construction industry, they can wreak havoc on timing, budget, and client relationships. After all, a seemingly small design change or measurement mistake can have significant, long-term ramifications on project scope, schedule, and costs.


That’s where we come in. DroneDeploy is transformative for hundreds of construction companies. Our software powers drones to capture aerial images of job sites; create 2D maps, 3D models, and 360-degree panoramas; and provide measurements accurately, quickly, and safely—in real-time.

The analytics and visibility generated by our software give architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) professionals deep insights and agility to make better decisions, faster. The result is that they can make determinations based on data, not guesswork.

In this blog, we’ll take a look at just a few ways your construction team can benefit from DroneDeploy.


Smart, Successful Bidding

As you know, the bid process is a complicated balancing act between staying competitive and remaining profitable. Inaccurate measurements could undermine the work and effort it takes to win bids. Site surveys mitigate these risks, but traditional surveys take weeks and are often expensive. With DroneDeploy, construction companies can complete surveys, develop accurate earthwork estimates, and deliver CAD linework to clients within days, at a fraction of the cost.

Drones change the game in communication. A [drone] photo is worth a thousand words, and potentially millions of dollars.

- Ryan Moret, Field Solutions Manager, McCarthy Building Companies


In addition, adding their 3D models to the maps created in DroneDeploy can help construction companies demonstrate their due diligence with clients, giving them a tangible advantage when it comes to winning bids.

The result is a realistic and accurate bid that you know you can deliver.


Visual Timelines and Quality Control

At the outset of a project, DroneDeploy enhances companies’ ability to develop accurate timelines and budgets. They can even use the solution to streamline logistics, such as determining the best placement of heavy machinery on site.

The speed with which a drone flyover can capture highly detailed imagery is the time saver. Overall, I feel that utilizing the drone, we spent a third or less of what it would have taken to do the job manually.

- Charles Curtis, Field Engineer, Brasfield & Gorrie

As the project advances, DroneDeploy helps companies measure progress accurately. AEC professionals can create flight plans and re-fly the same plan regularly. They can use the images and analytics to validate “as-built” versus “as-designed” work with consistent, auditable, aerial data. AEC professionals can compare this visual record of work against design plans, identify issues more quickly, and communicate them with the right stakeholders to resolve.

With all teams on the construction site working from the same view of reality, everyone is more accountable. Moreover, drone images eliminate mistakes made from human error, so customers often use DroneDeploy for quality control.


Documentation and Accountability

DroneDeploy is a powerful solution for project documentation throughout the entire lifecycle of the project. For example, at the time a builder hands off to the next party, the company can document properties.

If discrepancies arise later, the builder can reference that documentation as the single source of truth and historical record. Similarly, drone images can also help assure authorities that builders are following proper safety regulations and zoning laws.

Jumpstart 2020

Leading construction companies — such as Brasfield & Gorrie, Layton Construction, and McCarthy Building Companies — as well as smaller construction firms, rely on DroneDeploy to gain greater control over projects, which in turn, drive profitability. Interested in learning more? Watch our webinar on getting started with drones in construction.

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